Ghost Stories: The Holy Grail Of Anime Comedy!

Remember the days when the popularity of anime was in its infancy? Back in the 80’s and 90’s there were only a handful of us who jumped on the Japanimation bandwagon, and rode that sucker all the way to the modern times we’re living in today. Long before FUNimation became the leading distributor of all things anime, there were other dubbing companies like BangZoom! and ADV Films in the mix. Speaking of which, we want to give a BIG shout out to Steven Foster, ADV Films, and all of the voice actors involved in this hilarious project that we’re about to talk about. Although there are a lot of abridged anime series titles out there, we can’t forget who the real OG is; ADV Films.

The Ghost Stories cast!

Originally, the plot of the story follows the tale of Satsuki Miyanoshita who moves with her family to her deceased mother’s hometown. During the first day of school she and her brother, Keiichirou, meet with Hajime, Momoko, and Leo, and together they find themselves visiting the abandoned school building across from the main school itself. It’s soon discovered that Satsuki’s mother sealed away a lot of the ghosts that haunt the school building, but due to city’s urbanization, the seals that keep the ghosts sealed have broken, and not those ghosts are out terrorizing the streets of town. Her mother also left behind a book on how to exorcise each spirit, and with the help of her brother and friends, Satsuki sets off to cleanse the town (and the school) of ghosts.

Ok, so that was the original direction this anime title was supposed to go in, but after the commercial failing of the Japanese airing, ADV was given a set of rules as to how this title was to be dubbed. There were three things that ADV had to follow before the procedures for the dub could even take place:

  1. Don’t change the names of any character – including the ghosts.
  2. Don’t change the way any ghost is killed.
  3. Don’t change the meaning of the episode.
  4. Do whatever else you want to make the show successful.

In other words; as long as you follow the first three rules of how we want the dub to be made, we don’t give a damn about how the script is written, or even what is said in the show. We’re pretty sure ADV, Steven Foster, and the rest of the dub cast took the ball and ran with it; as (just like Monica Rial said) this show became the “Equal Opportunity Offender”. Black, White, Gay, Straight, doesn’t matter, this show pokes fun at every race, and everybody (including movies and politics). You probably can’t say any of the stuff that’s said in the series as of now in this day and age without getting ‘cancelled’ by ‘culture’, but as far as this dub goes, it has gained a cult following over the years and has been recognized as one of the precious gems of anime comedy. If you ever get the chance you gotta check out the dub, we absolutely assure you, you will laugh your %@! off! XP

5 thoughts on “Ghost Stories: The Holy Grail Of Anime Comedy!

  1. Yess! I’ve always loved the Ghost Stories for it’s crude humor alone! It’s exactly my preference! I’ve hardly ever seen such humor in anime so you can imagine how fun and shocking it was going in blind. My friend told me it was a nice comedy so I picked it up out of boredom. Next thing I knew, I was WHEEZING.

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